Top Skills Needed to be Successful in Public Relations

By: Mikala Williams

Having an interest in Public Relations is obviously the first step in being successful; the fact that you are drawn to the industry probably means that you already possess many of these skills and attributes. However, there are a few skills that need to be acquired and developed over time through experience.

  1. Communication Skills – I would say this one is ABSOLUTELY key because the entire field is based on strategically relaying information in an effective manner.
  2. Attention to Detail – Proofreading is definitely important for anything that is being posted professionally; attention to detail is going to be something that employers would be looking for in a potential employee.
  3. Self-Motivation/Drive – Having a strong work ethic is necessary for any job, but being proactive and taking your own initiative is imperative in Public Relations because there will be deadlines and possibly a lot of free reign to come up with your own ideas.
  4. Writing – Being a good writer goes hand in hand with communication skills and is an essential part of any Public Relations position whether it be press releases, blogs, or short posts on social media, writing skills come into play.
  5. Familiarity/Experience with Tools – Things like blogging, social media, and possibly even coding are going to be hugely beneficial to understand and have previous experience with when trying to get into the Public Relations field.

Each of these skills and abilities plays a key factor in your success in Public Relations. You will develop these by fully immersing yourself in the field with a positive, ready-to-learn attitude and by gaining hands-on experience. Possessing these skills will automatically make you more competitive when looking for a job in the Public Relations industry.



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