PR & Podcasts

By: Sarah Hess 

PRSSA kicked-off the month of February with two speakers from Exponent PR. At meeting on Wednesday, February 1st, Elleni Paulson (Account Executive) and Eliza Casper (Senior Account Executive) shared with us step-by-step the work they did to create and launch The Deal with Yield podcast for their Winfield client. Here’s what we learned:

Step one was all about research, research and more research. By diving deeper into research on Winfield customers, they found a key piece of data that sparked their interest, which was that many Winfield customers (mostly farmers with large acreage) were tuning into audio content throughout the week. As they found out more about audio content and how it can be used, the Exponent PR team came up with the idea to create a podcast that Winfield employees would host. Not only did the research support launching this new podcast, but in addition, the team realized an important concept: By creating a podcast that listeners could tune into to hear real advice from real Winfield employees, Winfield wouldn’t just have the opportunity to promote their brand and products, but also communicate to the public where Winfield stands on certain topics within the agriculture field. And in today’s PR world, it isn’t just about communicating what the company does, but also what they believe in and the passion behind the company’s mission. After sharing with us all the research that went into this project, Elleni and Eliza explained to us the various other steps in creating and launching the podcast, including training on-air hosts (Winfield employees Jim & Kyle), planning the content and promoting the podcast. Elleni and Eliza also spent some time talking about how in PR, you need to make sure the content you are producing lines up with the brand and is timely, something they had to work really hard on for the creation of the podcast.

After their presentation, Elleni & Eliza left us with some great PR advice: PR is not as focused on traditional media as it used to be. Although traditional media such as press releases are still essential in the PR world, it is important to continue to add new tools to your toolbox moving forward, whether that is learning more about digital media or coming up with out-of-the-box ideas like creating a podcast. By constantly learning new ways of getting a message across and not being afraid to execute new ideas, you can really stand out and make your mark in the PR world!


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