Top Skills Needed to be Successful in Public Relations

By: Mikala Williams

Having an interest in Public Relations is obviously the first step in being successful; the fact that you are drawn to the industry probably means that you already possess many of these skills and attributes. However, there are a few skills that need to be acquired and developed over time through experience.

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Writing Cover Letters

By: Ellen Larson

I have an irrational hatred of cover letters. I find them hard to write, and I’ll do pretty much anything to avoid them. I had to write a cover letter last week, and I put it off for five days before I remembered an article I had read, “How to Write and Impressive Cover Letter From Scratch in 30 Minutes” by Sara McCord. The title itself makes a bold statement, which is why I read it in the first place.

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Interviewing: The Advantages of Being Audacious

By: Brooke Eshleman

Lily Zhang’s article for The Muse, “3 Bold Ways to End an Interview (and Land the Job)”, makes a couple of important points I always avoid listening to. Why do I do this? Because I, like everyone else, gets nervous during an interview, and I play it safe. As I have learned, asking questions is vitally important and shows that we are pushing past the anxiety to really get something out of the interview. We can’t just let the interview end so you can breathe a sigh of relief; this is the time for the hirer to tell us what we’ll really be doing and who we’ll be working with. We will also be able to get a good idea of the employer’s expectations, because sometimes we just won’t be the perfect fit for your dream job. So it comes as no surprise that we’ll actually have to do some research beforehand.

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